This is how you can make unique model-trees for your model train layout.


  • 8mm thick (or similar to this size) wood dowel
  • 0.8 wire
  • superglue
  • sawdust
  • paint
  • 3 and 6mm static grass
  • wood glue
  • brown spray paint
  • matte lacquer spray


First we need to cut the wood dowel into undefined pieces. Then we screw holes into them. We pull through the cut-up wires through the holes and fix them with superglue.

We sculpt the wires and coat the trunk and preferably the branches as well with wood glue.
After that we sprinkle them with sieved-through sawdust and leave them to dry for a day.

When they are dry we spray dark brown paint on them. The reason why we don’t use a paintbrush is because sawdust might stick to the brush and comes off the wires/dowels. Besides, spaying is less time consuming as well.

Now we are ready with the trunks and we have all the branches. We put plenty of wood glue on the branches and generously sprinkle them with 6mm static grass. For the best result we use a mixture of medium-green and dark green grass.

This process needs to be repeated three times. To finish it off we put a final coat of 3mm grass on the branches (for the best result we should use a grass-sprinkler).

For the finishing touches we might want to use scissors to cut the pine-needles that stick out and shape the trunks with dry-painting. For this we can use light grey or/and light brown paint. The very last thing we should do is to spray our trees with matte finish lacquer paint.

Hope I was able to give new ideas to you all for making your own pine trees for your model train layouts.

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