Hi Everyone,

Thank you for visiting our website. We are a relatively newly established enterprise.

Our goal is to support and help those whose hobbies involve modeling and war-gaming.
In our repertoire you can find all the large and reliable European manufacturers such as NOCH, Busch, Faller and Model Scene just as well products from young, emerging companies, like Martin Welberg, Scenery and VMC.

Besides, we specialize in building our own GMS tree almature to aid those with the passion of model train layouts.

Our web-store offers valuable pieces of advice about the different usages of various materials .
After careful needs-analysis and personal discussions we also make individual plans and build model train layout for those who would like a professional look for their model train layout.

In the near future we are planning to broaden our services and offer some planning and marketing of special products made with 3D printing and by using laser-cutters. These products will involve tiny train accessories, windows, cargo, etc.
We would like to fulfill all our customers’ special requests and needs. Our mission is to help every single client who visits this website to their utmost satisfaction.

Let your creativity and imagination go wild and let us help you on the way to accomplish your dreams in your wonderful hobby!

All the best: the GMS team

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