Matho Models 35001 Normandy Road Signs WWII



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Set contains a total of 49 different Normandy Road Signs.


  • Printed on thick slightly rough paper to give you a very realistic appearance
  • Signs are already weathered / damaged so they can be used without further modfications should you want to
  • Backside of the signs is printed as well with appropriate textures
  • Signs can either be used seperately (and for example be glued to a wooden pole directly) or (after sanding the back) be integrated into your construction


  • Cut out by hand and without using a ruler; the edges will now be less straight and will look more realistic
  • After cutting out the signs, slightly paint the edges to remove the white paper color
  • Although the signs come pre-weathered, you can add additional weahering by using traditional weathering techniques such as pigments, drybrush …
  • Use a knife and/or small file to make the edges look worn

Note: copyright markings are not present on the actual product.

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