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Viscous liquid for a simple and realistic design of water (creeks, ponds etc.). Easy to use: Prepare course or river or pond surface ( you can embellish the base with coloured paint and maybe sand, pebbles and plants). Apply on the stream course as natural water would flow down it in a thin layer – apply the model water very thinly (at most 1 mm) & allow to dry between each layer. Busch Aqua dries transparent, and it automatically results in a wave or ripples on the surface structure. Apply several layers once each has dried to build up the depth of the water feature. For waterfalls apply the water on a transparent film, once dried you can cut out and glue onto your water fall rocks. Busch Aqua is easy to work with, create a natural-looking surface, is odourless, does not interfere with other materials and there is no chemical warming during the drying process. Contents: 125 ml.

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