AK 3010 Flesh and Skin Colors Set



Belonging to our Figure Series line of high quality acrylic paints this set of six colors have been designed to offer optimal coverage when applied by brush. Specially formulated by our artistic department to paint skin and flesh tones in miniature; offering an ultra matte finish, just the right drying time the painting of figures has never been easier. Designed for brush application Flesh and Skin Colors can be applied by airbrush; dilute with AK 712 thinner for acrylic paint and you are good to go. These colors have been designed to paint a standard skin color and can be used on any type of figure with excellent results. Changing the base color by adding varying amounts of included tones allows for endless possibilities in the creation of flesh tones affected by time, sun exposure, geography, and race. Flesh and Skin Colors will allow you to achieve high quality results with little effort or complication.
Our figure series paints can be applied by both brush and airbrush. When airbrushing we recommend diluting with 40% AK 712 thinner. Tap water can be used; however, we recommend our specific thinner AK 712 for best results.

This set contains:
_ AK3011 Base Flesh.
_ AK3012 Light Flesh.
_ AK3013 Highlight Flesh.
_ AK3014 Shadow Flesh.
_ AK3015 Dark Shadow Flesh.
_ AK3016 Cheekbone Glaze.

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