1.Superior quality Base Material 2.High fade resistant colour 3.Colours are stable using water based adhesives 4.Colours can be easily blended 5.Ideal for railways and wargamers 6.Comparable to quality imports but at Javis pricing
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  • VMC Static grass Parched meadow, 4mm 70211

    Recommended use

    Apply VMC static grass glue to the area for the grass. Please ensure that you only prepare a surface of adequate size, enabling comfortable work. When making parks, and gardens, apply the glue evenly to the surface for the best results. To create meadows and glades, use mulches and leave unglued spots on the surface when applying grass, thus creating a surface with spots of grass. Then spray the grass by using any electrostatic grass flocking device, but this work may also be performed using tweezers for each bunch of grass. When using the electrostatic grass flocking device, do not forget that the tool only applies well to related conductive surfaces. You may have to replace the connector for each spot. 20 gr
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    Just like rubberised horse hair, only made of natural plant fibre!
    Fantastic for modelling really effective model brambles, overgrown wasteland, forest undergrowth and hedges, Bushes or even home made trees!
    It can be glued together to make bigger items.
    Pull apart and glue to your terrain for brambles or cut to made formal hedges. paint to the desired colour.
    A good economical  all-round item,  Ideal for railways and war-gamers.
    Sold in squares,  average size 220mm x 150mm x 25mm  (8½" x 6" x 1")
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  • Welberg scenery grass mat M014

    Forest floor summer (B) size 30*21 cm color summer Innovation 2016
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  • GMmini premium bush strip gm000

    4 strip per box Size 2,5cm × 12cm 2 colours Hand made individually. Easy working
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  • GMmini bushes strip gm03

    4 strip per box. 12cm long 2,5 high Medium and light green colour. Easy working.
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  • GModelscene pine tree 200mm gms03

    Realistic looking pine trees from Gmodescene.
    Add these awesome pine trees! You can buy it in three sizes: 15 cm, 20 cm and 25 cm.
    You can order through the web shop and watch our Facebook page for further announcements.
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  • Busch Crystal snow paste 7172

      For the authentic design of natural snow landscapes in dioramas and model railways, in nurseries, homes, branches, greeting, glasses, baubles, etc. Sparkles after drying like real snow! Can be applied with a spatula or a brush (if required whilst soft you can create tracks of vehicles, animals, etc.). Dilutable with water. After a drying time of 2 - 3 hours but the snow surface is fixed, still elastic. Adheres to wood, cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, leather, etc. Content: 150 g
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